Growing Sharia Finance. Choosing #HijraInFinance with ALAMI.

Through sharia financial product solutions, providing positive impact on SMEs by disbursing more than IDR 1 trillion in business financing

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Why ALAMI is Your Sharia Finance Solution

Pendanaan Berkualitas
Quality Funding

We use integrated technology to analyze and evaluate risks.

Imbal Jasa Kompetitif
Competitive Returns

Our financing instruments carry low risks with competitive returns.

Keamanan Data
Guaranteed secure systems

We take your data protection seriously.

Kepatuhan Syariah

We use sharia-compliant end-to-end process.

Funding has never been easier

Create your account in 3 minutes

Register your profile as Funder in ALAMI with a quick and easy process

Clear information

Get all the information you need to make funding decision in your dashboard

Choose where your funding goes in convenience

You can instantly choose and fund the business you want

Safe and secure sharia- compliant funding

Quality beneficiaries

Through ALAMI Risk Assessment Criteria, we’ve taken great efforts to curate high quality SMEs for you

Transparent funding process

You can see end-to-end funding process through our dashboard

Supremely affordable

You can start funding with as little as Rp1 million

Sharia funding with real impact

Competitive Ujrah (return rates)

Equivalent to 16 – 18 % p.a.

Guaranteed sharia compliance

ALAMI is supervised by the National Sharia Board – Indonesian Council of Ulama

Instantly felt impact

Your funding will support SMEs to grow their business and ultimately strengthen Indonesia’s sharia finance ecosystem


Funding has never been easier

Sharia funding with real impact

Sharia funding with real impact

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