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Total Active Funders

Since Establishment
9123 In 2022
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Total Beneficiary

Since Establishment
1117 In 2022
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Financing Accumulation

Rp 4.4T
Since Establishment
Rp 2.7 T In 2022
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Total Outstanding Financing

Rp 472.6M
Since Establishment
with TKB90 96,78%
Daring 100%
100% Online
An Easy & Fast Journey to Your Purpose
We focus on providing a fast and hassle-free process, run 100% online. Guaranteed!
Tersertifikasi ISO
ISO Certified
A Safe & Secured System For Your Data
Just focus on your journey, as your data is both protected with a standardized certification and supervised by OJK.
Sesuai Syariat
Sharia Compliant
A Comfortably Ethical Finance Journey
Get a comfortable experience through an ethical finance journey to achieve your goals and purpose.

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