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Revolutionizing Sharia Finance Industry with Technology

#HijraInFinance to boost Indonesians’ economic growth

ALAMI stands for Alif Lam Mim, three letters that started 6 chapters in the Holy Quran.



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Hijra has a literal meaning “to migrate.” In modern meaning, particularly in Indonesia, the word has taken a new meaning: it’s a process to be a better Muslim and human being. Our hijra will be completed once we’ve implemented Islamic values for all aspects of life, including the financial aspects. ALAMI will propel a #HijraInFinance consciousness to complete the hijra story of Muslims by using sharia finance products and services.


Positive impact a key element of Islamic finance. With technology, we strive to accelerate it.

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Focus on regulatory and sharia compliance.

We put high value on compliance. We believe that taking great care to comply with regulatory and sharia standards is an important part of providing our users with convenience, ease, and assurance.

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Our Story

Founded by young professionals who commit to enhance the experience of sharia finance industry.

Driven and purposeful, we are poised to combine technology and sharia finance to reach next-level impact.

Meet the ALAMI Squad
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Our Business

More Than Just a Financial Institution

Our technology will provide the solution of a sharia financing to small businesses to build the future of the halal economy in Indonesia.

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