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ALAMI Impact Report: ALAMI Disburses IDR 1.5 Trillion in 2021, Creates Over 30 Thousand Job Opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic that has been ongoing for two years has significantly hampered the economic growth in Indonesia. For Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) which make up the backbone of the Indonesian economy, the global outbreak has posed severe challenges. 

During the period of the pandemic, productive financing for MSMEs held an important role in helping the economy to recover. The involvement of financial technology (fintech) companies in providing financing has also been proven to be very beneficial for the MSMEs to thrive amid the lack of access to bank loans. 

The pandemic has also shown that sharia financial institutions were not severely affected compared to their conventional counterparts. The report from Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK) in 2021 showed that the sharia economy and finance has shown considerable resilience during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

ALAMI as a sharia-driven financial technology company has taken part in significantly supporting Indonesian businesses to keep flourishing despite the difficulties caused by the global outbreak. 

ALAMI Records 500% Increase in Disbursement in 2021

In 2021, with the Coronavirus pandemic entering its second year, ALAMI never stopped supporting Indonesian businesses by providing productive financing for MSMEs throughout Indonesia. 

ALAMI’s productive financing for the real economy throughout 2021 not only helped MSMEs grow but also created around 24,000 employment opportunities, comprising 12,000 formal and 12,000 informal jobs. 

“We are grateful and proud to be able to grow healthily and positively. In 2021, ALAMI’s productive financing reached a total amount of IDR 1.5 trillion, recording an increase of 500% compared to the previous year, with a total of 7,500 MSME projects financed across Indonesia. This achievement is inseparable from the support from the funders, beneficiaries, and stakeholders i.e. the Bank of Indonesia, OJK, KNEKS, associations, and various Muslim communities and scholars,” said the CEO of the ALAMI Group Dima Djani. 

ALAMI’s achievements in 2021 can be read in detail in ALAMI’s 2021 Impact Report that was launched on Tuesday, September 6, 2022. This report was published to demonstrate ALAMI’s track records and commitment to creating positive contributions and supporting sustainability for the community. 

Impact Report as a Form of ALAMI’s Accountability and Transparency

This Report is accessible to the public as a form of ALAMI’s accountability and transparency, and, hopefully, it will also serve as a reference and evaluation for supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

It is also part of the framework of the Sustainability Report that is part of the implementation of the sustainable business practice and informative communication in accordance with POJK No. 51. 

It describes ALAMI’s work as a sharia-based financial technology company in creating positive social and economic impact in a sustainable manner through its peer-to-peer financing platform.  

What You Can Learn in This Report

The report that ALAMI publishes presents how the sharia finance industry supports economic resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, it also includes ALAMI’s contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ALAMI’s implementation of sustainable finance through the sharia finance ecosystem, as well as ALAMI’s future plans and innovations in the upcoming years. 

To read it, download by clicking the link below:

Download Here! 

Be Contributors!

ALAMI being able to reach this milestone through productive financing cannot be separated from the contributions of the funders who chip in their money to fund Indonesian MSMEs. Not only that, by funding through ALAMI P2P,you can also grow your wealth by earning a yield of up to 14 percent p.a. 

Be part contributors to ALAMI’s cause by supporting sustainable development. Download ALAMI peer-to-peer financing app by clicking the buttons below! 

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