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ALAMI Wins 2 Categories at the 2022 HR Asia Awards Through Implementation of Barakah Culture

As Indonesia’s leading sharia-based financial technology company, ALAMI reached another achievement in mid-2022. Recently, ALAMI won two award categories at the 2022 HR Asia Awards. This cannot be separated from ALAMI’s company culture which is derived from the Islamic concept of Barakah or blessing.     

Acknowledgement for ALAMI’s Focus on Creating Comfortable Working Environment

ALAMI wins two categories at the 2022 HR Asia Award: Best Companies to Work for in Asia and the Most Caring Company. These awards cannot be separated from ALAMI’s efforts to build a working environment that focuses not only on productivity, but also on maintaining a balance between the physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of its employees so that the ALAMI squad can maximize their potential for creating positive impacts on themselves and their surroundings. 

“As a startup company whose vision is to empower the Muslim community to create a sustainable living, ALAMI begins by being a place for the employees to find their potentials and discover the best version of themselves. With the best qualities that they have, they will, in turn, have exponential performance and create massive impacts on the company and their surroundings,” says ALAMI’s Chief Culture Officer Amrullah Tahad.

ALAMI’s company culture aims to help employees discover the best version of themselves 

As reflected in ALAMI’s tagline Alami Sisi Terbaikmu (Experience the Best Side of You),  ALAMI’s culture always aims to help the employees discover the best version of themselves. 

To achieve this goal, a number of internal programs to support the development of the employees were initiated. The first program is the four-day workweek policy, known also as the #Bye5. ALAMI is the first Indonesian company to implement this policy that allows the squad to focus on their spiritual and personal development on Fridays. In addition, ALAMI has also made remote working permanent through its #GrowAnywhere policy. ALAMI believes that each employee can make their best contributions regardless of where they are doing their jobs. 

A special program whose goal is to encourage the employees’ physical fitness called Gapai Rido is also launched. Through this program, the ALAMI squad can compete in a running and cycling competition. Each kilometer will then be converted into charity. 

Another innovative program made by the company is the Birrul Walidain Allowance, an annual allowance that must be given to the employees’ respective mothers as an act of dutifulness and gratefulness to them. 

To make sure that each activity is in line with Islamic values, ALAMI regularly organizes Islamic programs to deepen the Islamic understanding of the employees and to keep them connected with the Quran. Among these programs are Quran classes to improve their recitation (tahsin), Quran memorization (tahfiz), and classes on Quranic exegesis (tafsir).

The recognition received by ALAMI from the 2022 HR Asia Awards strengthens ALAMI’s belief that the key to a great company begins with talents who always strive to discover the best version of themselves without sacrificing their physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Barakah Culture Helps Boost ALAMI’s Performance

All of the above innovations stem from one distinct company culture which ALAMI implements. It is called the Barakah Culture. The Barakah Culture is an idea first proposed by the CEO of Productive Muslim Mohammed Faris. It is the opposite of the popular hustle culture, shifting the focus from the worldly life to the life in the hereafter (akhirah). 

In ALAMI, the implementation of the Barakah Culture is rooted in seven core values that guide all of the activities within the company. These core values are: upholding the principles of the sharia (sharia first), equipped with strong missions to promote the community’s welfare (bold mission), being open to suggestions and criticism (receptive to feedback), creating excellent ideas (best ideas win), focusing on the needs of the customers (customer obsessed), nurturing a sense of belonging (think and act like owner), and ready to always be better (strive for excellence).

Illustration. ALAMI strives to maintain a balance between life, work, and worship through the Barakah Culture (Pexels/Ali Arapoğlu)

The implementation of the Barakah Culture has been proven to help boost ALAMI’s performance. This is shown in the rapid growth of the amount of fund disbursement, from IDR 1 trillion in the first two years after being established to more than IDR 3 trillion in June 2022. 

Additionally, the number of the employees has also been increasing significantly by 1,000 percent, from 38 employees in 2019 to 484 employees working from various parts of Indonesia and other countries like Singapore, United Kingdoms, and United States, all of them being Indonesian citizens.      

Are you interested in taking a part in creating a positive impact on the community through the implementation of sharia principles with ALAMI? Download the ALAMI app by clicking the buttons below!


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