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ALAMI Becomes First Indonesian Sharia Fintech Company to Win Prestigious Global Islamic Finance Award (GIFA)

ALAMI won the 2022 Global Islamic Finance Award (GIFA) for Excellence in the Islamic Fintech Category., making ALAMI the first sharia-driven Indonesian financial technology company to win the most prestigious award in the field of Islamic finance.  

The Global Islamic Finance Awards was first established in 2011. Over the years, it has become one of the most coveted and most respectable awards in the field of Islamic Finance. This award becomes a prestigious label of excellence that recognizes governments, institutions and individuals who have exhibited outstanding achievements in their respective fields, contributing to the sustainability of Islamic banking and finance as a viable system within the global international financial architecture, as mentioned on their website

Innovation Helps ALAMI Grow into Prominent Fintech Company 

ALAMI has been making a number of initiatives to cater to the needs of its funders and beneficiaries. Among these initiatives are  the expansion of its financial products beyond invoice financing, opening wider access to financing for real economy players through ecosystem financing, and reducing the processing time for selected funding applications to make room for more business processes without sacrificing the robustness of its risk assessments.  

Thanks to the innovations, ALAMI has been able to grow sustainably into Indonesia’s leading sharia-based financial technology company. To date, ALAMI has accumulated a total disbursement of over USD 200 million and funded more than 10,000 MSME projects across Indonesia. ALAMI has also been able to maintain a Non-Performing Financing (NPF) rate of 0% 

Motivated by a strong vision

The above milestones would not be able to be achieved without a strong reason, and ALAMI’s main vision that navigates its whole business processes is to create a prosperous and more equitable society based on the principles of the sharia. 

“As one of the biggest fintech companies in the world, ALAMI envisions a more prosperous and equitable society based on technology innovation and sharia principles. We hope to contribute to create a better future for everyone,” says ALAMI Group CEO and Founder Dima Djani. 

The Global Islamic Finance Award promotes social responsibility, sharia authenticity and commitment to Islamic banking and finance. Hence, this accolade is also a recognition for ALAMI’s dedication to providing inclusive access to financing for SMEs through an ethical, fair, and transparent system through the application of sharia principles in finance.

Beautiful Assimilation of Sharia Values and Technology  

The award also becomes a testament to the beautiful assimilation of Islamic finance and technological innovation that is the result of ALAMI Squad’s relentless work and support from the stakeholders. And ultimately, this award is a blessing from Allah that becomes a source of motivation for the ALAMI Squad to continue making impactful innovations. 

“Representing all squads at the ALAMI Group, I’d like to thank Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala who allows us and enables us to thrive in this industry and ultimately receive the 2022 GIFA Award,” stated Dima Djani. 

Previously, ALAMI has been shortlisted for Forbes Asia 100 to Watch as well as Fast Company’s Honorable Mention for World-Changing Ideas from Asia Pacific companies. In addition, ALAMI has also recently won The Best Company to Work for in Asia and The Most Caring Company categories from the 2022 HR Asia Awards. 

Be part of ALAMI’s journey to build closed-loop (inclusive, fair, easy-to-access) sharia ecosystem that empowers the Muslim society to establish sustainable life by becoming our funders. Earn a yield of up to 16% p.a. by funding halal industries across various sectors in Indonesia. 

Download the ALAMI Sharia P2P funding app by clicking the buttons below!    

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