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Thrifting: 4 Reasons Why It’s Getting Popular Among Young People

Thrifting is becoming more popular recently. Although people have been reusing and repurposing old, even worn-out items since...

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Fuel Price Hike Makes You Lose Your Cook? Here are 6 Steps You Can Easily Take to Ease Your Financial Burden

The Indonesian government finally decided to adjust fuel prices on Saturday (3/9/2022). This decision has undoubtedly led to...

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5 Freelance Job Ideas for Your Extra Income

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What is a Financial Advisor and How Can We Choose the Most Suitable for Us?

At times, you may want to invest, but you don’t have enough knowledge and are in need of...

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Looking Forward to Visiting Qatar? Here are 4 Recommended Tourist Destinations and More! 

It’s already mid-2022, and the quadrennial event that millions of people are anticipating eagerly is almost here. Yes,...