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Mixing business and pleasure, the good life and the afterlife, performance in numbers and impact. Agile and versatile, the ability to be truly innovative is our driving force

ALAMI Values

syariah adalah hal terpenting

Sharia First

Sharia principles becomes our ultimate guide to balance work and worship

Misi yang Berani

Bold Mission

Growing business and doing Syi'ar once at a time to a more prosperous society

Ide Terbaik yang Menang

Best Ideas Win

Having a strong desire in inventing briliant ideas and taking data-driven decisions

Pelanggan yang Utama

Customer Obsessed

Focusing on customers' needs, releasing rapid solutions, and prioritizing their satisfaction

Menempatkan Diri Sebagai Pemilik

Think and Act like Owners

Thinking and behaving like owners who are accountable for every decision and action

Berusaha Selalu Unggul

Strive for Excellence

Being detail-oriented, embracing continuous learning and raising the bar everyday

syariah adalah hal terpenting Misi yang Berani Terbuka untuk Masukan Ide Terbaik yang Menang Pelanggan yang Utama Menempatkan Diri Sebagai Pemilik Berusaha Selalu Unggul

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