What is Cookie?
Cookie is text file that contains information which will be uploaded to User’s devices after User’s visit to a Platform. Subsequently, Cookie will be sent back to the original Platform in every successive visit, or to other Platform which recognizes the Cookie. Cookies are beneficial because it allows Platform to recognize Users’ devices. More information about Cookie can found at: Cookie has many different functions, such as allowing Users to navigate between web pages efficiently, recognizing Users’ preferences, and enhancing Users’ overall experience. Cookie can also help ensure that the ads that Users see online will be more relevant to Users’ interests. More information about cookie can be found at
In this Platform, Cookie is used to enhance User’s overall browsing experience. ALAMI also use Cookie to measure ALAMI Platform performance, and Users’ manner in navigating the site. Cookie in this Platform will not collect any personal information that could be used to identify an individual. In the next sections, ALAMI will give complete information on how to deactivate or activate Cookie and the impact of Cookie deactivation on Users’ browsing experience.
Two types of cookies may be used on the Platform ALAMI Platform: "session cookies" and "permanent cookies". Session cookies are temporary cookies that remain on the device until the User leaves the Platform. Permanent cookies will remain on the device for a much longer time or until the User deletes them manually (how long a cookie stays on the device will depend on the duration or "life" of that particular cookie).

ALAMI also uses several suppliers who may also set cookies on User's device on NAT's behalf when User visits the ALAMI Platform. Setting these cookies allows them to provide services provided. If the User wants more information about these cookies, as well as information on how to stop receiving these cookies, please see their privacy policy.

Cookies Used to Measure and Assess Platform Usage: Google Analytics

(1) Disabling all cookies. Users can accept or reject cookies by changing the User's device settings. However, Users will not be able to use all interactive features of the Platform if cookies are disabled.

(2) Disabling Any Cookies. Selected link below will explain how Users can opt-out of providing information to certain devices. However, please note that even if the User chooses to delete information related to cookies, the User's use of the products and/or services provided by the company may be limited.

PolicyCookie, please contact the ALAMI User Services Team.