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Whistleblowing System

What is Whistleblowing System?

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Consumer’s Complain Handling

As a form of consumer protection commitment, ALAMI provides access for users to submit complaints directly. The implementation and management of consumer complaint services at ALAMI refers to the provisions of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) regarding the service and settlement of consumer complaints for Financial Services Businesses (PUJK).

General Flow of Complaint Submission and Handling

Standard Complaint Resolution

The determination of the complaint resolution time is based on the level of urgency of the problem faced by the user. The level is divided into:

Low Level

Medium Level

High Level

Emergency Level

The complaint is processed by following ALAMI’s operating hours. The standard time for resolving complaints is in the receipt of complaints based on their classification.

Complaint Resolution

Complaints that have an impact on losses, both material and non-material, will be resolved first by the assistance of the ALAMI’s CS team in collaboration with related units.

If after going through a long process you still feel aggrieved or the solution from ALAMI is unacceptable, you have the right to ask for help from a third party who has the authority. Assistance can be requested through the court or out of court, namely the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institution which is included in the List of Alternative Dispute Resolution Institutions determined by the Financial Services Authority.

Complaints Channel

The ALAMI complaint channel is available every day from 08.00 - 22.00 WIB.

Whistleblowing System

Kalau kamu mendengar atau melihat tindakan kecurangan dan pelanggaran fraud dari karyawan Hijra dan ALAMI

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