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Why Financing with ALAMI?

Let’s find out what’s on offer for you!

ALAMI Pembiayaan

Invoice Financing ALAMI

Invoice Financing allows you to access financing based on your business’ invoice, either with or without loan (qardh), given to a business who has a legit and valid invoice to a third party (a client/ a payor).

Invoice Financing with ALAMI is a solution for your business. With this financing scheme, you can manage your cash flow better and make sure that your business wheel may keep rolling!

Submit your request to ALAMI to get a fast, safe, and sharia-aligned financing.

Financing Information at ALAMI

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Our 90-days repayment rate.

How to Apply for a Financing Request through ALAMI Platform

Check out the steps below to apply and be considered as our financing beneficiary.

  • 1.  Invoice is ready to be paid

    Make sure that you’ve completed the work delivery to your client and that your invoice is ready to be paid by your client.

  • 2.  Submit invoice to ALAMI platform

    Send the invoice, along with all documents requested, through ALAMI platform.

  • 3.  ALAMI will process your documents

    ALAMI Risk team will carefully consider your application and documents, and apply Credit Scoring to your project.

  • 4.  ALAMI will help you find funders

    If your application is successful, ALAMI will list your project in the platform dashboard, so that Funders could find you!

  • 5.  You will receive financing from funders

    Once the funding is collected, the fund will be transferred and disbursed to you.

  • 6.  Financing repayment and ujrah payment

    Once the financing period is over, the payor (your client) will pay your invoice amount directly to ALAMI and ALAMI will return the fund back to your funders along with the ujrah due.


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Find out the amount of ujrah (fee) that you will need to pay to funders

*Check out our ujrah simulation by dragging the financing amount slider, choose a time period, and rating

Applying financing amount of Rp for a period of Withwith a (project) rating will need to pay

Ujrah Estimations

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Frequently ask questions

What are the prerequisites of submitting a financing request at ALAMI?
The potential beneficiary has a legal entity of Limited Corporation (PT), fellowship / partnership (CV), or Foundation, which operates a business that does not oppose Islamic principles. Established for a minimum of 1 year, and is located in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi. Submit bank account statement and financial report for a minimum of last 6 months. Have a post-dated cheque and a personal guarantor to be put up as collateral.

How do we submit a financing request at ALAMI?

Potential beneficiary opens the website and register (sign up) as a potential beneficiary. After you have the verification email, you can complete profile at ALAMI platform. After that, you can submit financing request by completing the identity of related company and upload the required documents. You will be notified of your financing request status through the dashboard, or an ALAMI team member will contact the related PIC.

How much is the amount of financing that can be requested at ALAMI?

The minimum amount of financing that can be requested is IDR 50,000,000 and the maximum amount is IDR 2,000,000,000. The financing amount given will be based on the invoice owned by the potential beneficiary. ALAMI will finance a maximum of 80 % of the invoice amount.

How is the peer-to-peer scheme at ALAMI?

ALAMI will receive requests of invoice financing from SMEs through the platform. ALAMI will then apply a credit scoring process to the SMEs. The credit scoring will be based on qualitative and quantitative analysis. Quantitative analysis will be based on the financial statement and the bank account statement. Qualitative analysis will be based on historical track record and also on the business location visit analysis. After the credit scoring process, if you are successful, ALAMI will give the financing agreement offer. If you approve, then the financing request will be included in the listing within a maximum of 14 working days. After the funding is collected, it will be disbursed to the related SMEs and the payment shall be executed on the pre-determined time agreed by all parties.

Are the transactions on ALAMI shariah-compliant?

Yes, the operational activities carried on by ALAMI is aligned with the Fatwas of Indonesian Council of Ulema. For invoice financing product, ALAMI refers to the Fatwa of National Sharia Board No. 67/DSN-MUI/III/2008 and No. 117/DSN-MUI/II/2018. For the application of fee charges (ujrah), ALAMI refers to the Fatwa of National Sharia Board No. 112/DSN-MUI/IX/2017.

How is ALAMI able to guarantee the security of information given?

ALAMI is committed to secure individual or SMEs data in accordance to the standards and regulations that are in effect. Information shown during the listing of invoice financing request is only initials of the SMEs and the result of the credit scoring process. ALAMI will not identify the potential beneficiary and spread the company’s information without the authority of the information and data owners.