How We Work

Leveraging technology to efficiently connect funders and financing beneficiaries.

What makes ALAMI different?

patuh pada syariah

Working closely with the National Sharia Board, we ensure that our business models and operations are aligned with sharia principles.

Licensed and supervised by OJK

ALAMI takes compliance to regulatory standards seriously. We’ve been granted the status of licensed and supervised by OJK since May 2020.

pendanaan berkualitas
Quality financing

Each one of our beneficiaries is comprehensively analyzed and carefully selected. We have a tight risk assessment criteria and do the hard work.

Competitive Commission RatesCompetitive Ujrah Fees

Beat the inflation and gain higher value for your money with ALAMI with higher returns compared to other fixed income instruments.

no late payment

Funders can clearly see all the information related to financing projects in a user-friendly dashboard.

Frequently ask questions

Who can be ALAMI funders?
Individuals and enterprises. Indonesian citizens and foreigners. Minimum 17 years of age. For Indonesian citizens, you need ID Card and Tax Card. Foreigners need passport and Indonesian bank account.
How to give funding?

Potential funders can register at this link. A verification email will be sent to request funders to complete profile at ALAMI platform. After it is completed, funders will be sent agreement documents. Funders will be required to send electronic signatures (eSign). ALAMI team will verify your data. If successfully verified, funders will be able to see the listed companies and can start funding their chosen ones.

What are the costs associated with become a funder at ALAMI?
Funders will not be charged with any fees to become a funder at ALAMI platform.
Are there any risks in funding?

The risk faced by Funders is when beneficiaries cannot return the amount of financing received at its predetermined time. This could be because the client of beneficiaries still haven’t paid their invoice or moral hazard from beneficiaries. That’s why ALAMI is committed to selectively choose the beneficiary SMEs as well as possible.

Do we have any potential of late payments?
There is a potential of late payment. To anticipate that, ALAMI team comprehensively analyze SMEs to select the best qualities for our beneficiaries. If the potential of late payment is detected, ALAMI team will initiate good communication to make sure on the payment. If there is still no payment, ALAMI team will execute the guarantees given at the beginning of the agreement, which can be post-dated cheque, personal guarantor, or any other types of guarantee.

How is the tax reporting mechanisms for the ujrah/return rates that I have received?

Funders will need to personally report the tax by following the Article 21 Income Tax regulation. You will need to count the amount in progressive manner in accordance to your personal tax rates. If you are an Indonesian citizen working overseas, your return rates or ujrah from your funding activities will be charged with 20 % final tax in accordance to Article 26 Income Tax, and need to be reported personally.


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