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What’s Invoice Financing?

Invoice Financing is a financing service in the form of a delegation of authority to make sure that a short-term invoice of a company, from local or international transaction, is paid.

Our Invoice Financing service is sharia-compliant based on the fatwa of National Sharia Board No. 117/DSN-MUI/II/2018 that states an invoice financing is a financing service on the form of a delegation of authority for an account receivable payment based on invoice, whether with or without a loan fund (qardh) given to a business owner who has a legit invoice to a payor/client.

How is the Invoice Financing Scheme in ALAMI?

Skema invoice financing ALAMI Syariah

Here’s a more detailed explanation for the scheme above:

  1. Potential beneficiary needs to have a working relationship to clients/payor, already completed the work stated in the invoice, and has a right to bill an invoice to the clients/payor.
  2. Potential beneficiary submit an invoice financing request to ALAMI so that ALAMI can find a third party who can provide the service of invoice billing to the clients/payor.
  3. ALAMI will offer to ALAMI funders to provide the service of invoice billing. In this case, ALAMI will use contract type wakalah bil ujrah so that there will be fees charged to provide this service.
  1. Funders will delegate their authority for invoice billing to ALAMI.
  2. In addition to providing the invoice billing service, funders will also provide loan funding (qardh) to beneficiaries.
  3. ALAMI, who has the delegation of authority for invoice billing, also establish a contract with beneficiary along with disbursement of loan funding from funders to beneficiary.

What’s the Criteria for Funders?

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Indonesian Citizens

Indonesian Citizens minimum of 17 years of age. Holds a valid ID Card and Taxpayer Registration Number.

minimum pendanaan
Minimum Funding

As little as IDR 1 million

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No Fees

ALAMI does not charge any fee for any funding committed by funders

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Minimum 17 years of age. Holds a valid passport and an active Indonesian bank account under own names.

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Tax applies to funders based on applicable laws.

What’s the Criteria for Financing Beneficiaries?

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Business Entity

A small and medium enterprise under the legal entity of limited company (PT) or fellowship/partnership (CV)

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Industry Type:

All sectors of industry can apply except tobacco, alcohol, hard liquor, or food products categorized as haram under the Islamic sharia.

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Operational Time

The business needs to be operational for at least 2 years.

What are the Documents Needed?

For your application as financing beneficiary to be considered, you would need to submit the following documents:

  • A personal guarantee from key personnel of the company
  • A post-dated cheque in the name of an individual listed as financing beneficiary
Financial Documents
  • Financial reports for the past 2 years
  • Bank account statements for the past 6 months
Legal Documents
  • Establishment of Company Deed and its latest update
  • Company Taxpayer Registration Number
  • Company Founders’ and Directors’ ID Card and Taxpayer Registration Number
  • SIUP (Surat Izin Usaha Perdagangan or Business Permit)
  • TDP (Tanda Daftar Perusahaan or Company Registration Certificate)
  • NIB (Nomor Induk Business or Business Identification Number)
  • SKTU (Surat Keterangan Tempat Usaha or Domicile Letters)
  • Other relevant documents
Main Documents
  • Invoice to clients/payor
  • Record of Work Completion Letter
  • Tax Invoice
  • Confirmation of Invoice Receipt from clients/payor
  • Official Report of Technical Examination (*if needed in the contract)
  • Other documents as needed in the contract
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