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ALAMI Syariah p2p lending mobile apps
Easy Funding

You can fund anytime and anywhere. 100% online and Sharia.

Push Notifications

Keep you up-to-date by receiving funding notifications faster.

Islamic Features

There are Islamic features that can assist you in praying

New Experience in Funding

In ALAMI, you can experience easy funding with fast, 100% online, and sharia compliance. Furthermore, there are a lot more features of this app that you can try.

Find a Funding Product that Matches Your Preferences.

You are free to choose a funding project in which you’d like to fund in ALAMI. Don’t worry, technology in ALAMI analyzes hundreds of data to obtain a high quality and good credibility funding. Let’s be a Funder in ALAMI!

Always Check Out Your Funding Progress Portfolio

In ALAMI Apps, you can always check out funding progress portfolios anytime, starting from the tenor, the disbursement process to the Beneficiary, to when your Ujrah will be received. In addition, you may choose to withdraw your fund, or re-rotate your fund to other fundings once you get the return. Interesting, isn’t it?

Islamic Features Will Assist You

Apart from funding and financing, in ALAMI Apps, there are Islamic Features that will assist you, such as Al-Qur’an and its translation, Prayer Time, and Qibla direction. Masya Allah, how great is it?

Keep Learning and Get Inspiring Insight for Islamic Finance

The lack of Islamic finance insight becomes the greatest challenge faced by ALAMI. In order to bridge this literacy gap, you can read blogs about Islamic finance literacy in ALAMI Apps which has been well-curated by ALAMI's team.

Let’s be a Funder in ALAMI

Are you curious about P2P Lending? Register as a Funder in ALAMI! While the registration process is easy, you will also get the return without additional fees from your funding.

So what are you waiting for? Download ALAMI Apps on the Google Playstore and App Store right now!


All the information needed - such as total funding fee, the Ujrah’s percentage you will get, the rating of SMEs risks, as well as the due date of the funding - are available in ALAMI Apps.


The ALAMI technology system is integrated with Digisign's electronic signature provider, so you no longer need to visit the office to sign transactions.


There’s no additional charge for withdrawal or top up RDF since ALAMI collaborates with BNI for funder’s RDF.

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