At its core, sharia finance is about providing holistic positive impact to the society.

Aside from being transparent and fair, one of the most important principles of sharia finance is providing positive impact towards solving environmental, social, and economic concerns, with its ripple effects truly affecting and changing the masses at the bottom of the pyramid for the better. We embody that spirit inside ALAMI.

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Why #HijraInFinance?

Have you considered yourself to be in hijra? How about financially? Let’s join the #HijraInFinance movement with ALAMI!

Wealth is a crucial affair

ALAMI believes that wealth is an important matter in the lives of Muslims. Wealth is ultimately given by Allah SWT. It is a gift, but also a trust (amanah). During our lives, we want to make sure that we’ve taken good care of the gift.

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Wealth will need to be accounted for

Each one of us will be accountable for the wealth that we’ve been blessed with. From how we earn it to how we spend each cent. Have we been wisely managing and allocating our wealth? Here in ALAMI, we want you to give you opportunities to optimize your wealth in sharia-compliant ways through #HijraInFinance.

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Let your wealth be beneficial for others

Maximize the benefits that your wealth can give through providing positive, productive impact for others, either through social contribution or through funding SMEs that keep the economic wheel in the country going. Making positive impact clearly need to start from each one of us!

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