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ALAMI Group Rebranded to Hijra, Forging Vision to Become a Platform for Goodness 

  • Started with a sharia-driven peer-to-peer lending platform, ALAMI has transformed and grown into a financial technology ecosystem with the launch of Hijra Bank, as well as its supporting pillars ARQAM Accelerator and ALAMI Institute. 
  • With the introduction of Hijra as our new brand which encompasses all organizations previously under ALAMI Group, we are strengthening our commitment to forge the vision to become a platform that calls its users to goodness. 
  • Since its inception, around 140,000 users have been part of our ecosystem, both the P2P lending and the banking platforms. They have contributed to the funding of over 10,000 MSME projects and to the expansion of our reach to over 400 cities and districts in Indonesia in the form of users, funded MSME projects as well as social and commercial initiatives.

ALAMI Group officially changed its brand to Hijra, to align with its main goal to create a financial technology platform with excellent and innovative features based on our vision as a platform for goodness. The renaming  of the brand marks a new history for this corporate group since its establishment in 2018, as we are strengthening our commitment to encourage, enable, and facilitate our users to upgrade their lives and move closer each day to the spirit of goodness, through simple, daily activities individually and collectively through our platforms.

The word Hijra itself comes from the Arabic word hijrah, denoting the emigration of Prophet Muhammad and early Muslims from Makkah to Madinah, which marked a significant event in Islamic civilization history. In a deeper sense, it can also mean a journey or improvement to be better, no matter how incremental. We believe, a hijrah journey and movement for goodness will be easier when done together, working hand in hand with a pure intention to attain Allah’s pleasure.

What ALAMI Group has achieved since we first launched our app and became fully operational in 2019, shows the strong trust given to us by the users of our ecosystem who have supported us from day one. Of course, we would not have been where we are today, without the help from Allah and the support from hundreds of thousands of users and tens of thousands of MSMEs who have trusted us to fund their businesses through our sharia-driven platforms.

Business Growth Continues to Increase as Public Trust in Our Company’s Products and Initiatives Strengthens

ALAMI Group has grown rapidly. As of November 2022, there are around 140,000 users who benefit from our platform (P2P Lending and Banking), with over 10,000 MSME projects that we have funded, with a total disbursement amount of more than IDR 3.8 trillion. The business sectors that we fund are carefully chosen and selected to include those with high social and economic impact. These business sectors include health care, fast moving consumer goods, logistics, telecommunication and technology, as well as human resources. This significant growth took place when Indonesia was still struggling with the pandemic and the MSMEs were striving to  support the national and real economy to survive and to help the government in providing medical supplies and equipment to fight the pandemic.

ALAMI Group, now rebranded as Hijra, has now transformed into a financial technology ecosystem with the goal of being a platform for goodness by providing convenience, security, and comfort for its users to manage and invest their money and to get access to sharia financing. Aside from the Peer-to-Peer Lending and Banking services, we have also initiated a sharia-driven business accelerator program to help MSMEs and startups through capacity and quality building and access to business capital. Additionally, through the institute, also part of our comprehensive ecosystem, we aim to provide an easy solution for those who wish to access educational content about sharia economy and finance.

Rebranding Reflects Hijra’s Vision to be a Digital Platform for Goodness 

As a corporate group, we have now officially entered a new phase with the launch of Hijra Bank on December 6, 2022. We strongly believe that the time for people to reap benefits from our platforms has come, not just tens of thousands but hundreds of millions of potential users. For this reason, the brand and its philosophy must be relevant with our long term vision as a platform to enable its users to do various acts of goodness for themselves and others in a sustainable manner.

With this new identity, we pray that we will be able to continue facilitating our users to improve the quality of their finances, knowledge, time, and their daily life, bringing goodness not only to themselves but also to society at large. We hope that the new brand Hijra will boost our spirit, affirm our intention, and strengthen our efforts to work together to create a better life for Indonesia and the world.


Bayu Suryo Wiranto

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