This page is about Terms and Conditions regarding the rules, guidelines, notifications, policies, and instructions, related to the use and service of this Platform. If there is any change in this Terms and Conditions, we will publish it through the Platform and it is expectable that Users will carefully read any change.


Sharia-compliant Information Technology-Based Co-Funding Services (LPBBTI) Provider with peer-to-peer financing scheme.
An account that can be used by the User after being registered on the ALAMI Platform. User account are used to monitor the financing process carried out on the ALAMI Platform, including but not limited to providing financing (for the Funder), applying for financing (for the Beneficiary), RDF balance information, financing transaction recording information, and other information related to financing.
Policy regarding data files that are written into the storage space of the user's device/internet user performed by a web server in order to identify the user and can be immediately recognized by web pages.
Policy on use of data and/or access to private information.
Technology, electronic systems, websites, and/or mobile applications provided by ALAMI for users to be able to visit and access services.
An account opened specifically that is used for a specific purpose in order to accommodate funds entrusted to ALAMI as the Provider of Information Technology-Based Co-Funding Services with Sharia principles.
Users’ identification number set up by a Partner Bank based on ALAMI request as a Sharia-compliant, Information Technology-Based Lending Service Provider, which will be forwarded to Users as Financing Bank Account Number to support any transactional activities related to financing services.
Account in the name of the Funder, provided by ALAMI in collaboration with Partner Banks to make it easier for Users to make funding at ALAMI.
An independent and free from interference by other parties-institution, having its functions, duties, and authority to regulate, supervise, examine, and investigate. Based on the Law No. 21 of 2011, Financial Services Authority or OJK functions to establish an integrated regulatory and supervisory system for all activities in the financial services sector.
An institution established by the Indonesian Council of Ulama for the purpose to realize the Islamic ummah aspiration to address economic problems and to propel Islamic sharia implementation for the economic/finance field.
Individuals who visit, access, and/or use the ALAMI Platform.
An individual, legal entity, and/or business entity that has a Sharia-compliant purpose and objective to obtain Financing from the Funders through ALAMI.
People, legal entities and/or business entities that have Sharia-compliant purposes and objectives to provide Financing to beneficiaries through ALAMI.
ALAMI Platform has been certified by the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia with registration number 01185/DJAI.PSE/10/2018 and licensed at the Financial Services Authority with Evidence of a Licensed Financial Services Authority based on the Decision of Members of the Board of Commissioners of the Financial Services Authority Number KEP- 21/D.05/2020 on May 27 2020.
  • Users must be legally competent and/or mumayyiz (able to distinguish between right or wrong, and to make decisions), and responsible for their actions and decisions.
  • Users must be legally competent and/or mumayyiz (able to distinguish between right or wrong, and to make decisions), and responsible for their actions and decisions.
  • The user does not use this platform for activities that violate the Sharia and/or applicable laws and regulations.
  • The user agrees to the Terms and Conditions and other rules published on the ALAMI Platform.
Please visit ALAMI FAQ page to read more on Requirements and Sharia Financing Types provided by ALAMI.
  • Users are prohibited from accessing, collecting, and/or download any data/material from this Platform, with or without using automatic software or programs, for any activities or any purposes that are unlawful, whether in view of sharia principle or applicable laws.
  • Users are prohibited from uploading, publishing, sending emails and providing advertisements, promotions, junk mail, spam, and/or other forms for commercial or non-commercial interests to the ALAMI Platform, ALAMI Platform Users, and/or other parties who have special interests with ALAMI;
  • Users are prohibited from taking any other actions that adversely affect the platform and other ALAMI facilities.
  • All provisions regarding use personal data and privacy can be viewed in detail on the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy page.
  • The user is willing to be checked and analyzed in accordance with standard procedures in force at ALAMI including but not limited to trade checking to the user's partner and checking through the services of the Credit Bureau/Scoring partners of ALAMI.
  • ALAMI is only responsible as the Organizer/Platform Provider of the Information Technology-based Sharia Financing Service Funders and Parties requiring Beneficiaries in accordance with Sharia provisions and related laws and regulations.
  • ALAMI has full authority to take actions deemed necessary including but not limited to withdrawal/cancellation of Sharia Financing Service activities, both those that are still in the offering period or have been approved by the Funder and/or Beneficiary, without having to provide a statement and/or answer to any party.
  • Users’ fund which placed on Escrow Account, though being set up by ALAMI through Third Party cooperation, will not be treated as funding owned or provided by ALAMI, as pursuant to the law of Banking in Indonesia.
  • Every content and/or material on ALAMI Platform should be treated as information, and not as an offer, request, invitation, suggestion, advice, and/or recommendation to provide financing.
  • If there is a link and/or reference to other party’s websites, ALAMI will not be responsible for any content and/or impact that the related website has.
  • ALAMI is not responsible for acts that violate state law and/or Sharia committed by Users with/without using the ALAMI Platform and/or the facilities contained therein.
  • User confirms the data and/or information, include but not limited to data and/or information of the shareholders and management, can be held accountable in accordance with POJK 12/POJK.01/2017 as amended by POJK 23/POJK.01/2019 concerning the Implementation of Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism Programs in the Financial Services Sector and its changes in the future ("POJK APUPPT").
  • User does not provide and/or trade their User Account to other parties other than User itself and/or use the User Account for purposes and/or unlawful activities.
  • User agrees that ALAMI can provide data and/or information including but not limited to the personal data in the context of fulfilling the regulations, including the regulation related Anti-Money Laundering and Prevention of Terrorism Financing Programs.
  • User acknowledges and agrees that ALAMI will conduct the record keeping of personal data documents according to data retention period according to POJK APUPPT.
  • ALAMI may refuse, cancel, and/or terminate business relationship with User if there is a discrepancy with the terms and conditions set by ALAMI.
  • ALAMI, logo, icons, design, graphic images, site name domain, any writing, and services of ALAMI, are registered under trademark owned by ALAMI and have been licensed and protected for ALAMI.
  • Users are only granted limited permission in connection with ALAMI's Trademarks to download and/or print a copy of any part of the site content provided that the User always maintains all copyrights, uses it for good according to Sharia, and notifies the ownership of the Trademark.
  • Users are not allowed to use that limited permission for purposes of any unlawful act.
  • ALAMI is not responsible for any system disconnection resulted from anything outside of ALAMI control, such as inevitable accident, earthquakes, flood, landslide, volcanic eruptions, epidemic, fire, wars, riots, revolutions, chaos due to economic, political, and social reasons, rebellion, government changes due to inconstitutional reasons, changes in legal constitution and government policies in the field of economic and monetary policies that directly affect ALAMI, public utility problems (such as electricity, telecommunications, or internet network failure), regardless predictability of such situation(s).
  • Neither party is liable for the loss of performance of a system as a result of the things caused by the Force Majeure.
  • ALAMI will do everything possible to overcome the breakdown in system performance and minimize the consequences of the Force Majeure without ignoring the rights of each party contained therein. in these terms and conditions in any form.
If one or part of these Terms and Conditions is declared invalid or unenforceable under the law or other relevant legal regulations, then that part is deemed not to be part of these Terms and Conditions and will not affect other parts of these Terms and Conditions. Changes will only be made in relation to the Terms and Conditions that occur in such a case.
ALAMI complies with and complies with the applicable tax provisions in Indonesia, including provisions regarding Income Tax (PPh) on Ujrah and Value Added Tax (VAT) on Marketplace Fees.
Users declare and agree to release, free and indemnify ALAMI, its affiliates, its shareholders, directors, commissioners, employees, subcontractors, suppliers, agents of and to any and all liabilities, claims, losses, damages, whether direct or indirect, arising from:
  • Use of the site, site content, Services, both from ALAMI parties and other parties related to ALAMI.
  • User connection network to the site.
  • Users’ violation of rights to other people or other entity;
  • Actions of any party who can access and/or use the site, site content, Services ALAMI or other parties related to using the User Name and/or password to enter the ALAMI Platform and/or other related parties;
  • Users’ violation to sharia policies and applicable laws.
  • User violation of Sharia provisions and related statutory provisions.
  • Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Principal Agreements and/or Contracts are other detailed Documents/Terms that also apply to the use of the ALAMI Platform and/or Services. If there is a conflict with these Terms and Conditions, then the other Documents/Conditions that apply in relation to the special aspects inherent in them.
  • In the event of discrepancies in the recording between the records on the User Account and the recording system in ALAMI, then the ALAMI recording system will be used. ALAMI will immediately make adjustments to recording on User Accounts by referring to ALAMI's records.
  • If there are errors Typing words, wording, grammar and/or other documents carried out by ALAMI then it is agreed that ALAMI will correct it without incurring legal and/or financial liability and/or liability;
  • ALAMI reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without the User's prior consent and promptly update them on this Platform. Users are deemed to have understood and agreed to these changes and are encouraged to check this page if changes occur at any time.

In the event that ALAMI translates the User Terms, Privacy Policy and/or Cookie Policy into a language other than Indonesian, if there is a discrepancy between the Indonesian version and another translated language, the Indonesian version will apply to the extent of the discrepancy.

These Terms and Conditions have been adjusted to the provisions of laws and regulations including the provisions of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Regulations. All Terms and Conditions and other provisions stipulated by ALAMI are interpreted and governed by the laws in force in the Republic of Indonesia. In the event of a dispute or other legal action arising in relation to ALAMI, it will be resolved within the exclusive jurisdiction of the South Jakarta Religious Court.

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