ALAMI Commitment

ALAMI is committed to build a business environment with integrity and cleanliness to give confidence in providing quality services.

ALAMI has a Whistleblowing System (WBS) facility. It provides an opportunity for you to report suspected violations of fraud, violations of the code of ethics, as well as violations of conflicts of interest committed by internal or external persons that harm the company.

Types of Whistleblowing

There are 5 types of WBS that you can report through this page

Fraud is an action of deviation or omission that are intentionally done to deceive or manipulate the company, customers, or other parties, which occur within the company's environment and/or use company’s facilities so that the company, Funders, or other parties suffer losses and/or perpetrators of fraud gain financial gain either directly or indirectly.

type content img Fraud
type content img Deception
type content img Asset Embezzlement
type content img Information Leakage
type content img Banking Crime

Violation of the Code of Ethics is an action that is not in accordance with the corporate culture which has been formulated based on positive values ​​that grow and develop within all the company's people, to achieve common goals and also as a reference for the company's people in making decisions and acting.

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Violation of Conflict of Interest is an action that causes a condition in which a person in carrying out his duties and obligations has an interest outside the interests of the office, whether it concerns personal, family or other parties' interests so that it is possible for the company's personnel to lose their objectivity in making decisions and policies in accordance with the authority that has been given to him by the company.

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Violation of the Law is an action that violates the law in force in Indonesia.

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Bribery & gratuity are acts of offering, promising, giving, receiving or soliciting an improper advantage of any value.

Pay Attention to This

Things you need to put attention to before reporting an action


What actions or actions are known indications?


Where did the action happen?


When did the action occur?


Who are the parties involved?


How did the action happen?

Report Here

The reporter’s identity will remain confidential & is safe with ALAMI

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