Financing Risk Analyst

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Job Level


Job Type

Full Time

Job Description:

  • Assessing, analyzing and interpreting complicated financial information including Financial Ratio and bank statements analysis
  • Visiting clients if necessary
  • Keeping company financing exposures within set risk bearing limits
  • Completing risk assessment forms and submitting to committees for approval
  • Coordinate with Risk Division Head on developing credit-scoring systems
  • Keeping knowledge of key issues up-to-date (for example legal, market risk and compliance issues)
  • To assist enhancing the quality of financing applications
  • To make recommendations about procedural/policy changes

Job Requirements:

  • Experience at least 5 years in financial industry as SME/Commercial analyst
  • Preferably has experiences in fintech industry
  • Have strong analytical and administration skill
  • Able to give recommendation regarding credit proposal
  • Understand the basic structure of loans

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