Software Quality Assurance

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Jakarta, Indonesia (remote)

Job Level

Associate/ Junior Engineer

Job Type

Full time

Job Description:

  • Plan, create and manage the overall Quality Planning strategy and Working closely with project teams
  • Suggest solutions to identified product problems 
  • Investigate product quality in order to make improvements to achieve better customer satisfaction
  • Identify quality assurance process bottleneck and suggest actions for improvement 
  • Oversee continuous improvement projects 
  • Identify key KPIs for product quality
  • Prepare and present reports and metrics to Senior Management
  • Work closely with Product Managers and Engineers to resolve issues
  • Write Script Automated Test Case for Regression Test Mobile & Web
  • Report automated test case result to Project Manager


  • Minimum 2 years experience in related field
  • Programming languages, such as C# and Java
  • Mastering computer software testing tools such as Katalon, Sonar, Jmeter, Selenium, Appium etc.
  • Mathematical aptitude and strong problem-solving skills
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills
  • Have an understanding regarding Continuous Improvement/Continuous Delivery pipeline
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • An understanding of the latest trends and their role in a commercial environment
  • Teamwork skills, because most projects require input from individuals with different roles, with agile methodology
  • Self-development skills to keep up to date with fast-changing trends
  • An understanding of the latest trends and their role in a commercial environment
  • Mastering testing for API
  • Able to work with independently or with limited assistance
  • Experienced with mobile and web automation

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